Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Indian Bloggers, Its a High Time...

Sorry guys I am away on a trip, therefore, no tamil script to feed in. However, a thought to share with you all. Please go through the following passage... thank you!

Here is the day, the most expected one from our recent past is with us to face. All along, since the most welcoming blogosphere existence, I was expecting something like this "a temporary shut down thingy" would happen. And exactly that has happened in the name of national security. And now what?

Internet revolution, as we all aware of, is taking us into another level of human intelectuality. This tool is, I believe breaking all the barricades and providing a chance to reach out and share the individuals idea, knowledge and wisdom at the snap of a finger around the world.

It can create a huge impact in the pattern of ones belief system. When one individual indepth vision into something is brought out and shared with the fellow readers, he/she ignites the fire onto others too, to think and change their whole dimension of looking at things. Is not it a great boon for our time?

Now what is going on here with blogging, and banning it in our system. I firmly believe there is something is moving with blogging, which could have tremendously attracted the attention of the biggies and now they feel threatned.

If the banning is only temporary, its tolerable, otherwise, it is a high time for Indian bloggers to unite together to fight and revoke the lost right so called the freedom of expression.

Another link to ponder over... அருந்ததி ராயின் இந்தியா...!


Hariharan # 26491540 said...


I agree that the blogging is a great opportunity for the educated indian youth to share their ideas and beliefs in detail directly on a one to one basis.

The political biggies who (cutting across parties) have repeatedly forcefed their own vested ideologies on common man must have been certainly alarmed of this true information exchange and detailed critics on the so far believed ideologies (good or bad)!

Before people get enlightened by blogging they are trying to "UNSEAT" very blogging itself.

I still hope India is truely democratic in Spirit & action!

Thekkikattan said...

hi hari,

//Before people get enlightened by blogging they are trying to "UNSEAT" very blogging itself.//

Exactly. And this is what I am trying to share with you all. This biggy could come from any end. Hope you read my previous tamil article "எது நாகரீகம்."

And now interpret is there something phissy between those two thoughts...hmmm (awareness Vs business strategy)

And also when you get a chance please get to read the following article too using the link... thanks again

Sivabalan said...


I agree with you. In every system, there will be both good & bad.

Yes, it is really high time to fight for right.

Thekkikattan said...


//I agree with you. In every system, there will be both good & bad.//

When the humankind come up with any kind of new tool, it eolves by using and abusing it, in due course sorting it way through.

For Example, we do not ban "the pornography industry online," altogether we give freedom to people to decide what they want to see or reach out. It should be same with the rest too, I suppose.

Thanks Siva.

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